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Weird things happen, here are a few. 4. British actor Anthony Hopkins who shot to fame as Hannibal Lecter was delighted to hear that he had landed a leading role.

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A collection of weird coincidences and unsolved mysteries throughout history.Coincidences, often considered unimportant, may actually hold some of the keys to understanding a wide variety of paranormal occurrences.

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The weird thing was, on the day we watched the episode, my teacher was wearing the same outfit as the grandpa: a blue shirt and maroon vest.

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I was very lucky to have some excellent recommendations for Japan, including a hit parade of must-reads put together by Japanese writer Kyoko Yoshida (see the List.

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Everyone has experienced coincidences, but there are some really interesting (and freaky) coincidences throughout history.

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At Glastonbury Festival a few years back with a group of friends, one of our group had arranged to meet some friends one of the days.

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Throughout history, there have been absolutely crazy stories that may have you questioning whether they were creepy.I have been trying to sell up and move since January 2003 and finally January this.While a 53-year-old man was competing successfully in the swimming section of the National Senior Games in Palo Alto, California, his 61-year-old brother was back.Synchronicity, predictive programming, and some of the creepiest coincidences in history.

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In fact, it would be truly strange if nothing weird ever happened.

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Strange Coincidence Allows HBO Star To Help In Exoneration Of Innocent Man.For some people, God is clearly the force behind strange coincidences.

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First, on Monday, the US Treasury department said it planned to end requirements that.

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Kennedy - The list of strange coincidences about their life and assasinations.Coincidences are not accidents but signals from the universe which can guide us toward our true destiny.

Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases.Life, both the present and past. is full of strange coincidences.

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Some strange coincidences have been happening to me since January.

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